Renaud Chevalier-Cadell

Renaud’s career began 19 years ago in Spain and Mexico, and has from that point forward remained internationally oriented.Since 2002 he has occupied several General Management positions in entities manufacturing and selling high value-added products and solutions for all types of buildings, the last 7 years as a Country Manager for Legrand in Czech Republic and Slovakia.Having managed teams in 13 different countries until now, Renaud has himself lived in 5 countries and speaks 5 languages. He considers it crucial to make a concerted effort to understand people of different cultures and to learn continuously as a way of adapting to changed surroundings. Cultural adaptability has become a leadership imperative.

In 2014 Renaud was appointed French Foreign Trade Advisor by a decree from the French Prime Minister, with a mandate to advise government authorities, support businesses as well as young professionals abroad, and promote the attractiveness of France.

In 2019, he joined Potential, the international co-development association for managers, as a Group facilitator in Prague.

Not only is Renaud passionate about developing businesses internationally, his private life is also a reflection of this aspect having a danish wife and two children with an everyday life in the capital of the Czech Republic.