Leadership for the future

Conference to thrive on 30th October


One day we sat down for coffee and realized, that we are hungry. We are hungry to share best practices and hungry to show different forms of excellent leadership. We are hungry to thrive professionally, open to new possibilities for development and desire to spread this energy across the region. We are aware that the future brings more pressure on us to personally develop and acquire leadership skills.
That was the moment, when New Dimension, Potential and Transearch found synergies in our approach to business and our goals. Although it might seem unusual for companies to enroll managers in a conference co-run by a head-hunting company, that later might contact these managers, there is no danger of this. Transearch is in the process of developing a new initiative in the field of innovation and people development.
We believe, that Leadership4future will provide you and your managers new perspectives, motivate you, open your mind to new opportunities and expand your networks. We also believe , that as all being hungry, we will greatly enjoy coffee and lunch together with the great complimentary catering this conference provides.